Picture of Alec Campbell August 2022

Holy Wow! I unpublished everything! FEAR NOT! I’ve got copies of my crazy being organized for your pleasure, displeasure or indifference. Guess it all depends on audience. If you’re someone super kind, an obsessed hateful stalker or a machine with no sense of the feels don’t worry, be happy, the posts are returning. Therefore, have no fear young padawons! All the posts are coming back with a new redesign of website. Love all of you! Yes, even you. (You know who you are.)

Welcome to my personal blog.

I’m currently working on reorganizing the four years of content on it for everyone’s benefit. For one, this blog has hundreds of uncategorized posts. These posts all authored genuinely by me are very raw. They’re not edited for grammar, or made to be politically correct, or filtered. This is often very embarrassing for me. However, it’s usually profoundly helpful or at minimum entertaining for others.

We’re all interconnected in some way. Yet, we find ourselves judging people by the scars we see and not the one’s we can’t. I’m not afraid to show you my scars. I’ll put a spotlight on my damages and wounds. You can read about them. Relate with them. Form your own opinion about me. All that you do is up to you,

Hope my honesty helps. Also, remember bandaids don’t fix all wounds. There’s no easy button, pill, herb, alcohol, or drug that is going to fix it all. I recommend positive thinking, yoga, meditation, reading, gardening etc but I’m not a doctor. I’m just an opinionated person doing my best with the cards life dealt me on a blog. Please Take Care of Yourself!!! If someone is taking advantage of you, hurting you or those you care about, making your suffer in anyway, it’s okay to love yourself enough to show people the door. Crocodile tears are ridiculous to believe in. You’ve got to work to succeed. Put the work in. Get help. Self-care is real and important. Breathe and try to find your Zen!

Drumroll the BumperSticker talk: Wounds heal when you stop touching them. Give up control, and let that shit go. Don’t let anyone steal your thunder. Also, yes its true the haters have the loudest voices, but in the end they’re never truly happy stay above it all and be kind. Karma is legit. Above all, don’t let anyone destroy your place, or headspace.

The target audience for this blog is for people who genuinely struggle from a professionally diagnosed mental disability to understand you are not alone. The people around you should be kind and patient with you. They won’t always be this way. That’s all on them. Simply, try, to engage, interact, read, heal and above all be kind to yourself. Through blogging I’e found an outlet for the pain and suffering in my mind. It has helped so much. Even if your the kind of person who doesn’t get all verbal with what’s going on with you, talk to your dog, cat, gemstone or a tree. Supressing ourselves isn’t healthy! In order to have more positive space in your life you need to get rid of the boxes and baggage in your life first. Make a nice clean place for positivity to take root in. 🙂

There will be times your thoughts don’t make sense. Gosh, I’m not sure mine ever did. Your unique way of expressing emotional, mental, verbal, physical reactions to stress or environmental factors are okay. The act of simply living is all deeply personal but in no way diminishes your value on this planet. Once the reorganization of this blog is complete you will get to know a very flawed individual that hasn’t given up. I’m not content to just survive. I want to thrive like everyone else. I will fall often, but you can see me get back up just as many times.

This blog within the next few weeks will be arranged into sections for easier navigation to your personal style of blog interests. It will be categorized into poetry, rants, gardening, meditation, therapy, personal insights, and above all honesty. Now, these are my very real truths. That doesn’t mean that they are absolute truths about you or anyone else. That’s very subjective and I’m not omniscient or a doctor. If you have questions, if it doesn’t make sense to you or your own logic that is perfectly okay. You will always see the cup differently that me. It’s the nature of reality. Ask an electron. We are all the sum of our experiences. We walk in our own shoes. In the end all we can do is try our hardest to empathize with others and be kind.

Also, if you or someone you love, feels depressed, has harmful thoughts towards self or others, please seek professional help immediately. In the USA dial the Lifeline number, 988, toll free and available in multiple languages.

I appreciate all my followers. You’ve helped me on my journey to discovering more about myself and others. For those who continue to stick around, support me, empathize and lift me throughout my struggles and challenges, I humbly bow. You make life a nicer place to be in.

Also, my husband and I have the coolest roommate in the world. Time to hang with them after work ❤

Happy Gardening, Holidays, Merriments and Cheer!



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