Conjured Worlds by Alejandro N. Marrero 10/2/2020 #poetry

I’m a storm in the making and in my palms I hold the world
I’m a cloud that is breaking where lighting surges torn
You’re a devil in tight denim and a face of handsome sin
You’re the angel who has fallen and the first to point within

I’m electrically charged and the anxious particles fill the void
I’m the sentences we never say and most try harder to avoid
You’re clinically perfect there’s not a doubt as you saunter up this way
You’re critically important if anyone trusted what you say

I’ve started a chain reaction with the cosmos swirling in my hands
I’ve said this in distraction for the time has past with fallen grains of sand
You’re offering penance an apology for being wrong and starting a fight
You’re words are hollowed empty when you lashed me with them while I was right

I’ll conjure up a galaxy made of stars, planets and pristine worlds of different shades of blues
I’ll design each and every planet so they are peaceful, safe, and protected from all of you
You’re on your way to find them but you haven’t got a remotely accurate clue
You’re offering me your money and that would help most matters it’s true
Still, who would believe a word a liar says especially when they come from you

I’d create a haven a sanctuary full of blissfully, healing, and bright light
I’d create this heaven where all could avoid the left or right tonight
You’ve mounted an armada and turned your weapons my direction
You’ve run out of fuel as you’re following the clearly wrong perception
Still, you fund the lazy while you continue ignoring the ones in need with your soiled hands of greed

I’m a storm in the making that’s holding stars within my honest palms
I’ll create places full of good dreams and blissful tranquil calms
You’ve tried to take away everything and now I’m full of hope and light
You’ve tried to lie your way to friendship but I know what’s wrong from right
I’ll continue creating worlds that promise peace, greens and color blues
I’ll conjure up the words that keep us all safe from hateful people just like you.

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