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Thank you for visiting my personal blog.

Your interest in wanting to connect further with me in regards to my blog and its contents is welcomed and appreciated. My purpose for my blog is to bring awareness to others on how I a person professionally diagnosed and undergoing treatment for PTSD, perceives and interacts in my world, the challenges I face, the writings, poetry, pictures, video logs and raw postings you see on my blog are a way for you to get to me and a way for me to better understand myself.

I’m flawed, don’t have the best memory, grammar and am undeniably human but above all I’m honest. This what I believe is essential for people to understand. We shouldn’t just survive we should strive to thrive and the best way to do this is with honest dialogue.

TheKindGardener.com Is an unscripted raw and personal blog about my journey through life living and coping with PTSD. The best way to reach me is by email.

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Remember to Always be Kind, Humble and Altruistically aspire to be the best version of yourself!

You’re messages are appreciated.

May you experience happiness and its causes.

The Kind Gardener