Sacred Sun – Book 1 © by Alejandro N. Marrero

Donavin is a youthful and energetic twenty one year old guy. He may or may not be a slave to his chatterbox head. Or losing it, because, these kind of things don't happen to ordinary people! By chance he meets Jeramiah a handsome thousand year old Vampire that owns Sacred Sun; a metaphysical shop in Tampa, Florida his best friend and him frequent. Afterwards his life radically changes. He meets other paranormals and beings of myths, fantasy and legends. With his terrible humor but kind personality he finds he's a magnet for adventure both good and bad. He may even find love but with who?

Just when everything starts to settle back into a routine, Donavin soon discovers there is evil threatening to destroy everything including those he loves. Armed with arcane powers he's yet to understand and a team of loving friends sworn to protect him. Donavin's embarks on quests and choices that may ultimately decide the fate of this world.  

Read a unique perspective on the supernatural in this Fantasy Series. This is an LGBT PARANORMAL novel with Mature content. 

Discover: Romance, Adventure, Vampires, Angels, Mysticism, Fantasy, Danger,  and powerful Arcane magic.