Thank you, for your interest in reading my novels!

As you may be aware it takes a lot of work for anyone to write a book. Even more of a challenge is to write one with PTSD and other daily limitations. Still, I have committed myself to the challenge and courageously self-published my stories for everyone to read.

For you my novels are Fantasy, Adventure and Romance stories. For me they were too! However, they were also therapeutic and healing to write! To those authors out there who use Accessibility features like me, I can tell you with confidence you are capable of anything. Everyone is worthy of being heard!

Wishing you all happiness and kindness,


Alejandro Marrero

My books are all linked on Author Page link. However, you can read a preview or snippet below!

Beyond the knowledge of Donovan a twenty-one year old guy, the supernatural exists. Only, all have been hidden from him and most human's on Earth by a Veil which is now weakening. With the help of Leilah his best friend who is more than she appears, Donovan discovers all is not as mundane as it seems. He even meets a handsome Vampire and a sexy as sin Angel.

Though Donovan is gay he thinks that's the least interesting thing about him. He simply hopes he will find the right guy one day. Yet, Donovan soon discovers the world is about to be forever changed and it's all up to him to figure out how or if it does.
One thing is for sure, all the creatures of myth and magic exist! They've simply, been shrouded by wards in their veiled realms.

What come's as a shock to him, is finding out his destiny was written by the very stars themselves and without his say on the matter. Would he be able to handle what the fates have in store for him? Will he find love based on attraction or did the stars have something truer in mind?

This is the story of an ordinary young man realizing there is more to life than just the barrage of chatter in his head. That Gods, Angels, Fae, Kindred, Vampires, Elves, Unicorns, Shifters, Witches, and more truly exist. This is the story of an ordinary young man's awakening into a God with a destiny that will forever change the world.

This is a ****Mature**** LGBT PARANORMAL FANTASY and there are scenes of Intimacy between two men. This Book is also the first in a series. Sacred Moon, Book Two in the Sacred series is complete and currently being edited and will be available soon! Then comes the Sacred Earth. This self-published work and all books in the series are over 117k words.
Sacred Moon continues off where Sacred Sun concluded. This is Book 2 of a series that should be read in order.

In Sacred Moon our adventurers lead by a godling known as Donovan continue their epic quest to bring about a change to all the realms that crisscross the Terran world. Their missions for the Pantheons of Old want them to strengthen the veil. Is that truly a good idea? What about freeing those friends that have been tethered to the old gods? Will they be freed? When things hit the fan everyone turns to Donovan for leadership. Now, on top of the already heinous actions of the pantheons of this world system, our heroes face even more challenges. Some hidden foes of all the realms has resurfaced. All Donovan wants is for a few desperate moments of peace. He quickly realizes there's few of those moments when the fate of the entire planet and its inhabitants are in peril.

The Faes, Were, Elves, Kindred, Mages, Angels, and other paranormal beings including the pantheons of old and new gods continue in this series.

This is a ****Mature***** LGBT Paranormal Fantasy novel.

It's intended for Adults and contains scenes not appropriate for those under age or for people offended by the natural expression of intimacy of Lgbt beings.
Our heroes' journeys continue in Sacred Earth. The third book in the Sacred Trilogy.

Sacred Earth will chronologically follow the path of all your favorite adventurers as they battle to save not only the seven realms but the planet itself. They will also have to work together to fulfill their oaths to restore Lunaria, the eighth realm, and save all of humankind from Lillith and the Archdemon’s nefarious plans.Sacred Earth will be the manifestation of all of the plans the stars have in store for our adventurers.

All the realms have something to lose now as they prepare for the battles of battles. Filled with the obstacles and challenges, none of our allied friends and hero’s could have ever prepared or imagined facing before. Prepare for action as the great convergence occurs. How will it happen? Will there be survivors? What will happen to Humankind? The immense dwellings of the Fae, Elves, Gnomes, Dragonkin, Kindreds, Shifters, Gods, and Angels? One thing is for certain, the world would forever change. Things never go as planned, and the world they may find themselves in will never be the same again.
Stay tuned for Sacred Earth book three of the Sacred Sun series. The battle for Terra has just begun, and only the strongest and most courageous will make it to its end.

Even then, what will the whole of Terra and this world system look like after the impending war ahead?

This is Book 3 of the Sacred Series. It is a Mature LGBT FANTASY meant for an ADULT audience.

Books are meant to be read in Chronological Order: Sacred Sun, Sacred Moon, and then Sacred Earth.
Jacob, after years of hard work and school, got the job of his dreams! He finally left his hometown with its cold winters in Maryland to become a Professor in one of Miami, Florida’s most prestigious private colleges. He even has a house in a good neighborhood. The only thing missing for this lonely professor in this relatively New City is love. Yet, every time he tries to go out of his comfort zone to search for it, he ends up disappointed. He is starting to give up.

Leonardo is from Ecuador and a college graduate. He came to the United States on a student visa to become a Landscape Designer. Now, the current administration in charge of the government has made it near impossible for immigrants to be hired. Even creating more challenges for companies to sponsor his stay in the United States after he got his degree. Now, his student-visa has expired. Leonardo has to deal with anti-immigrant rhetoric almost daily. This isn’t the same country he thought it was when he first arrived here for his education. Leonardo is also incredibly lonely but doesn’t have time for dating. He only has time to work doing cash-only jobs that he’s terribly overqualified for and underpaid to do. He also is overpaying in cash for efficiency with a landlord that takes advantage of his design talents.

When by chance, Jacob and Leonardo meet there worlds quickly are turned around. The only question left now for Leonardo is will the universe Let Him Stay to enjoy it.

LET HIM STAY is a Mature LGBT ROMANCE FICTION and book one of the “Stay” series.

LET HIM STAY is meant for ***ADULTS*** and has steamy and hot detailed scenes between two men being intimate.

This is a short story, and book one of a long series of books that are being released in parts.