Pleas for Stillness by Alejandro N. Marrero 9/22/2020

Who will save me from my demons?
Who will hold me as my whole world burns?
When will I be free of these anxieties?
When will I be at once reborn?

I am sum of the universe divided up into interdependent parts.
I am a son of parents that are easy to love but hard to keep in touch.
Why do my inward glances point to such vivid tragedies?
Why do my inner wanderings come out as poetry?

I’m being hunted by thoughts that skewer my very soul.
I’m being haunted by memories I’ve never ever told.
Where will I find your blessed paradise?
Where will I find myself true, easy, and the kindest advice?

What do you want from me that you haven’t already taken?
What could you show me that’s relevant and stops my shaking?
I’m a collection of parts seeking cosmic originations.
I’m a seduction of thoughts that’s been influenced by outer machinations.

Who will save me from my demons?
Who will heal my scars and burns?
When will my hands stop shaking?
When will I stop suffering in all its painful forms?

Words are meaningless until you give them wings
Words are profound when they pull us deep within
Why do I reach for solitude in my pleading cries for peace?
Why does that solitude bring us always to our knees?

Now you’ve got the ‘who’s, what’s, when’s, and even some why’s.’
All that’s left is an ego that rarely if ever truly dies.
Remember one day it was said ‘Word’s were meaningless unless given wings.’
Remember some day ‘Word’s are profound enough to drown us all within.’

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